To be eligible to contact members, there must be a current signed agreement with the IATSE.

Availability Lists

If you would like to request an availability list for one of our crafts, please email office@ialocal871.org and include the following info:

  • Your name & title
  • Production company & project title
  • The craft you are requesting


Clearance Requests

If you are looking to check a member's status to clear them for work, please call the office at (818) 509-7871, or email office@ialocal871.org.


Non-Signatory Companies

Please contact the Local's office at 818.509.7871 to obtain information on how to become Signatory.  If you would like us to contact a member on your behalf, we will be happy to do so.




Website Access Request

IA Signatory Companies

To obtain a personal Username & Password and view members availability, contact information, and resumes,  please fill out the form below.  You may also call the office at 818.509.7871 to verify signatory status and obtain a password.