Stand Up, Fight Back

Click here for the 2023 IATSE Federal Issue Agenda

The IATSE established IATSE Political Action Committee  (IATSE-PAC), a federal political action committee designed to support candidates for federal office who promote the interests of the members of the IATSE and its locals and to support a federal legislative and administrative agenda to benefit those members.

Labor organizations are prohibited from contributing to the campaigns of candidates for federal office.  Most prominent labor organizations have established separately segregated funds (commonly known as a PAC) which may make voluntary campaign contributions to federal candidates and seek contributions to the PAC from union members.  The federal law expressly allows unions to solicit voluntary contributions from members for their federal PACs.

One example of how a PAC can directly affect our circumstances occured in 2014. Our membership voted to contribute approximately $7,998.00 or $4.65 per California member to the Entertainment Union Coalition PAC.  With a lot of volunteering and hard work from our members and the EUC, the state of California passed AB 1839, The California Film and Television Job Creation and Retention Act, with $330 million dollar a year tax incentive, bringing much needed production back to our state.

Please consider donating on a monthly basis, if only $5.00 a month. Every dollar represents strength in having our union voice heard in Sacramento and beyond. The IATSE PAC is for use within the entire US.

Remember PAC contributions are voluntary and are not tax deductible. For more information, please visit the IATSE PAC-FAQ. Also, please be advised of the solicitation rules.

Click on the following link for the contribution form or if you have further questions, please email office@ialocal871.org.

IATSE PAC Contribution Form - Fillable PDF