Local 871 elections occur every three years. The current Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, and Delegates began their term in January 2019.

Board of Directors

Contact: BOD871 [at ]
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Executive Officers

President Crystal Hopkins
Vice President Marisa Shipley
Secretary Elizabeth Seaford
Treasurer Kirby Carl Fortenberry III
Sergeant at Arms      Suzan D. Lowitz



Doug Boney
Toby A. Forlenza
Carol Kiefer
Robert Moon
Nick Patapoff III
Ashley Robinson
Lalida Sujjavasin
Jil Szewski
Michael Williams
Rebecca Young


Advisory Panel

Sue Palmer
Alex Eldridge


Board of Trustees

Contact:  BOT871 [at]

Tracy Moody Script Supervisor
Marilyn Penn-Lindley Production Accountant
Dee Schuka Asst. Production Accountant
Michele Tedlis Sorbo Script Supervisor
Marvel Wakefield Script Supervisor



Contact: delegates871 [at]

Cassandra Barrere Script Supervisor
Doug Boney Production Coordinator
Pamela Brown Production Coordinator
Andrea A. Friedland Production Coordinator
Dawn Gilliam Script Supervisor
Crystal Hopkins Art Dept Coordinator
Suzan D. Lowitz Script Supervisor
Lisa McNeil Script Supervisor
Robert Moon Script Supervisor
Nick Patapoff III Production Coordinator
Marilyn Penn-Lindley Production Accountant
Jim Revis Production Coordinator
Emily Roberts Asst Production Accountant
Ashley Robinson Production Coordinator
Elizabeth Seaford Script Supervisor
Marisa Shipley Art Dept Coordinator
Michele Tedlis Sorbo Script Supervisor
Babette Stith Script Supervisor
Marvel Wakefield Script Supervisor
Rebecca Young Art Department Coordinator


LA County Federation of Labor Delegates 

Isabelle Carasso
Debbie Ezer
Andrea A. Friedland
Crystal Hopkins
Olga Lexell
Suzan Lowitz
Lesli Lytle
Robert Moon
Marisa Shipley

Board of Directors - Bios

Executive Officers


I joined Local 871 in 2012 as an Art Department Coordinator. I immediately volunteered as chair of the Election Commission and have found myself actively involved in different aspects of the local since then. Quite a bit of my time was also spent from 2015-2018 as a co-chair and advocate for ADC’s under the ad-hoc, self formed and appointed, “ADC PR Committee.” It was through that labor of love that I found my footing and passion as an advocate for all of Local 871’s membership. I look forward to serving our Local for the next 3 years working toward greater unity, meaningful education, and notable positive changes for the membership.

I am an Art Department and Set Dec Coordinator and a member of 871 for the past 3 years. In that time I have served on the Young Workers Committee, the ad-hoc ADC PR Committee and continue to chair the #ReelEquity campaign and committee. During my term some of my goals are to increase transparency and involvement and make more progress on pay equity for all members.


I come from the East Coast. Rochester, NY to be exact. I wasn't raised in a union family, but I'm excited to be a part of the IATSE family now since joining Local 871 in 2015. I became a member of the Healthcare Committee after attending my first meeting, and volunteered to be the Chair of the Young Workers Committee the year after that. I continue to work with the Young Workers Committee and the Healthcare Committee even as I serve as Secretary of the Local and a Delegate.

I also work with a group comprised of the chairs of Young Workers Committees from the Hollywood IATSE Locals. I'm also a member of the Women of Cinematic Arts and Film Powered.


I came to the film industry by way of being a child performer in my native Los Angeles, and journeyed from there as a theatrical actor, dancer, costumer, lighting and sound technician, and stage manager. I've been an 871 script supervisor for twenty-eight years (after working nonunion for eight years) and am serving my fourth term as Sergeant at Arms. An avid supporter of the Labor Movement, I expressed that passion by walking my first picket line in 1970, and now by representing 871 at the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. I created the 871 Healthcare Committee, serving as chair for the last six years, as well as representing 871 on the UCLA/MPTF Patient Family Advisory Council. I dream of the day when every member receives union benefits and is assured of a life of fulfilling work and abundance



I have been working in Film & TV since 2001 and joined IATSE Local 871 as an APOC in 2007. Soon after joining the Local, I joined the Constitution & Bylaws Committee and the Diversity Committee. I previously served as Vice President and have been on the Board of Directors since 2013. I have also served as a Delegate for the Local since 2012. I currently work as a Production Coordinator, mainly in TV and also work as the Business Representative for IATSE Local 884, The Studio Teachers. In 2018, I was appointed by IATSE President Matthew Loeb to represent the IATSE on the National Executive Board of Pride@Work, an LGBTQ labor organization affiliated with the AFL-CIO.

In addition to my work in IATSE, I am a member of PEN Center USA.

I have been a script supervisor since 1989, and a Local 871 member since 1995. I have seen many changes in our local, from a time when we were just Script supervisors to the many departments we have grown into today. My focus in joining the board is to try to unify our voice. To strategize ways for us to all be heard. If we believe there is strength in numbers, then let us work together to become as strong or stronger than our brothers and sisters in other locals that command the salaries we all deserve.

Before working in the art department, I worked briefly in visual effects as an assistant VFX coordinator. I have been an Art Department Coordinator since 1993 and I work primarily in feature films and commercials. In 1993, I helped start a grass-roots effort to organize fellow Art Department Coordinators and we were eventually assigned to Local 717 before transferring to Local 871 several years later. I served one term as a Board member in Local 717 and I am serving my third term as a Board member in Local 871. Additionally, I’ve represented the Local as a delegate for several terms. I am also a member of SAG-AFTRA since 1998.

I am a script supervisor working in film and television production (as well as the occasional commercial) and am thrilled and honored to serve the local as a member of the Board of Directors. Having previously worked as an comedy improv instructor and theater and commercial actor, I joined the Screen Actors Guild in 1989 and have been a union member in the entertainment industry ever since. For 10 years I also moonlighted writing law and motion for business litigation before eventually pursuing a degree in television production. I am a passionate advocate for labor and equality and hope to use my time on the board to make positive changes in the industry.

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I started working in the industry shortly after graduating from Grand Valley State University with a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Film and Video in 2008. I was working as a production assistant/assistant director until a set decorator friend of mine asked me to coordinate for “A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas”. After that, I focused my attention towards art department coordinator and set decoration coordinator positions. I was an adjunct professor at Lawrence Tech University, teaching film production courses and overseeing independent studies for two years before moving to Los Angeles in 2011. In 2014, I joined 871 as an art department coordinator and joined IATSE Local 492 in 2019. Television is currently my main vegan bread and butter. I co-own a resume consulting company called Blue Revised Resume Consulting for Film and Television Industry.

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Originally from the baby booming state of New Jersey, my family relocated to New Mexico via Central America. I earned my BFA from The Maryland Institute of Art. Earlier, I studied theatre and philosophy at University of New Mexico and Towson State University.

After three years working seasonally at the Sundance Institute/Film Festival, I came to Los Angeles in 1991. Within a few years I found my place working as an Art Department Coordinator in film, television and commercials. I am in my 25th year.

I joined Local #871 in 2002. This is my third election cycle as an 871 Delegate. My past participation at Local 871 includes: Negotiating Committee 2015; Events Committee 2016-17.

I also have a part time photography business and am co-owner of thoroughbred horses that race here in CA and elsewhere in the US.


Advisory Panel

Originally from New England, I joined my first union, UFCW Local 328, in college as a Meat Cutter, working in the deli of my local Stop & Shop. I moved to LA in 2006 and worked my way up the TV assistant ladder. After getting my first job Script Coordinating in 2012, I was thrilled when we were welcomed into Local 871, myself joining our ranks in 2018. As a long supporter of unions, I am honored to represent my craft as an Advisory Panel member and I look forward to working with my fellow 871 kinfolk to fight for better working conditions and pay rates for all our crafts.

I joined Local 871 as a Writers’ Assistant in 2018, having worked in that capacity and as Script Coordinator in the years prior. I’m a passionate labor advocate, and have remained actively involved since the day I joined. I started out in the industry as an Office and Set PA, so I've spent a long time working alongside and befriending many different craft members in our local. Being among them in this capacity is empowering, and I’m excited to serve the board in this advisory role.