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IMDbPro Tips & Tricks #4 – How To Make 2020 Your Year

Happy almost New Year! It’s Jed from IMDbPro. With 2020 just around the corner, I’m here to share some tips to help you build momentum and hit the ground running in January.

Cash in on the benefits of your network.
You’re reading this because you’re a member of IATSE Local 871, a brain trust for your field and an organization created to help you succeed. Take advantage of it! Connect with fellow members and access their resources to stay current on industry trends. And don’t forget the exclusive discounts. For example, you receive a 30% discount off IMDbPro. Members should login on this site and visit the Members Discounts page to access this benefit. (If you’re already receiving a discount from the 2019 discount code, make sure to redeem the 2020 discount code so you can continue to receive this benefit through 2020.)

Make lists to keep your eye on the prize.
Before the ball drops, take some time to reflect on the projects you worked on this year. Which ones energized and inspired you? Which ones took you a step closer to your goals? Who were the people that connected you to these jobs? Use these questions to decide where you want to be next year and who can help you get there. Go through past call sheets, business cards you’ve collected, and the credits of your favorite films to compile IMDbPro lists of contacts and films you can refer to and share with peers. And don’t forget to Track any in-developments titles you’re interested in to be notified of any possible connections as cast and crew are attached.

Manage your brand.
Now that you know what projects you want to work on and who you want to work with, it’s time to communicate that you’re the right person for these roles and, most importantly, make it easy to reach you. Anywhere your name appears, whether it be on the internet or on personal materials such as resumes and business cards, make sure your details are accurate. To cast as wide a net as possible, make sure that your IMDbPro Name Page and contact information is up to date and choose your Known For titles to reflect the experiences that best sell your work.

Network. Network. Network.
With your details updated, now is the time to get out there and talk with people. I know it’s a well-worn cliche, but the entertainment industry is all about who you know—and the holiday season is prime networking time. If you need some networking ideas, view the “Network” tab on Name Pages to see shared connections to help you get out there and share what you’re looking for in 2020. You never know what connections will pay off later.

Never forget the power of paying it forward.
One of the best ways to get ahead (and feel great in the process) is to help others. When meeting a new or old contact, keep your ears open. You’re not the only one out there looking to line up their next gig, so be sure to recommend your peers when you can. Helping someone else land a job is a great way to strengthen a relationship, and they might return the favor one day.

Well, that’s a wrap for 2019. If you’re feeling festive for more IMDbPro content to help you prepare for 2020, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

IMDbPro Tips & Tricks #4 – How To Make 2020 Your Year

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