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IMDbPro Tips & Tricks #3 – Information and Vetting

Hello again! It’s Jed from IMDbPro, and I’m back with more tips and tricks for getting the most from your IMDbPro membership.

When I meet with users, more than anything else people ask me about the information listed on IMDb: Where do we get it? How is it verified? And can they contribute? So, for this piece, I’m going to share more about our contribution and vetting process.

How much information does IMDb and IMDbPro have on the entertainment industry?

As of September 2019, here is a snapshot of how much information we have:

  • 8 Million+ Name Pages: Actors, directors, script supervisors, agents, boom operators; if they’ve worked in entertainment, we probably have a page for them.
  • 5 Million+ Title Pages: Feature films, short films, television shows; if you can watch it, you can likely read about it.
  • 300,000+ Contact Details for Industry Professionals and Companies: This content is exclusive to IMDbPro members.
  • 25,000+ Projects in Development: Also exclusive to IMDbPro members, we have Title Pages for projects currently in various development stages.

Where does IMDb get its information?

IMDb has an entire Content Team devoted to gathering information from contacts across the entertainment industry. Our data editors proactively work with studios, production companies, guilds, and other industry organizations to receive the latest updates on their projects and who is working on them. For the information we don’t receive directly from these sources, we allow registered IMDb users to submit updates to fill the gaps.

How does IMDb know that the information submitted is accurate?

We only accept information from registered IMDb users and unlike other websites that receive information from individual contributors, all of our updates are vetted by our Content Team to ensure they’re accurate before anything goes live on our website. Striving to be as accurate as possible, IMDb defines an update as factual if that information can be verified against official sources including, but not limited to, an on-screen credit, press kits, official bios, autobiographies, and interviews.

If you’ve ever contributed to IMDb and wondered why the change didn’t show up instantly, it’s because our team was in the process of verifying it before publishing. If one of your updates was rejected, this typically means our team wasn’t able to verify it, so feel free to try again and take advantage of the “Explanation” field to direct our team to where we can verify the information you provided.

Is IMDbPro’s contribution process the same as IMDb’s?

No. As I shared in an earlier post, IMDbPro has an expanded set of information specifically for industry professionals such as in-development titles, representation details, and contact information for people and companies. Since this information is for professionals within the industry, we limit these updates to active IMDbPro users only.

Are other IMDbPro users updating my Name Page?

Yes, we allow IMDbPro members to contribute to any page listed within the database (remember, our team works to verify that information before it’s live, though). That’s why claiming your Name Page isn’t just about keeping your pictures relevant; claiming your page gives credibility to your profile and increases the chance and speed of your updates being approved. Another bonus when you claim your page is that you will automatically receive notifications the moment any changes are made, allowing you to correct any information that might be inaccurate.

Can I have someone else update my page for me such as my agent or rep?

We understand that depending on your profession, you may have a team that should have access to update your information on the fly. IMDbPro allows reps to make updates to their clients’ pages if you have both claimed your IMDbPro pages and you’ve granted them access through the Shared Editing feature. This ability extends to edits such as setting which films you are “Known For,” your Primary and Featured Images, and other details.

I’ve found an inaccuracy on IMDb. Can I correct it?

Absolutely! As much as we strive for accuracy, we sometimes make mistakes and rely on our informed users to correct these errors when they spot them. Here are some helpful links to walk you through the process:

Note: If an incorrect credit is attributed to you, we recommend correcting the credit rather than deleting it as it’s more likely to be approved.

How can I access my IMDbPro discount?

If you’re not yet a member of IMDbPro, don’t forget that you can start with a 30-day free trial. Members of IATSE Local 871 receive a discount of 30%. To lock in these savings for all of 2020, reach out to your administrator for instructions on how to redeem this benefit. This discount can be applied to an annual or monthly membership. (Local 871 Members - Login on this site and visit our member discounts page.)

If you’re already receiving a discount from the 2019 discount code, make sure to redeem the 2020 discount code so you can continue to receive this benefit through 2020.

Well, that’s all for now. Until next time! If you’re hungry for more IMDbPro content, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

IMDbPro Tips & Tricks #3 – Information and Vetting

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