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Pay Equity Study Released in LA Times

Dear All:
As you know, we’ve been talking about our Pay Equity Study, and the launching of a campaign, for quite some time.
Well, today’s the day!  Here is a link to the story that ran this morning in the Los Angeles Times Business Section
We have also launched our ReelEquity webpage (www.reelequity.org), and our ReelEquity Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram Accounts.
You can read the complete study here.   A Report Summary, our ReelEquity Toolkit, and our ReelEquity infographic  are all publicly available on the webpage.
So now we need your help to make this a truly successful campaign, which at long last addresses the gender pay inequity that we believe exists for our female-dominated crafts. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Go to the Action Network and sign the petition!
  2. Send a link to the petition to everyone you know and ask that they sign! ( https://bit.ly/2HpUQam )
  3. Post on Facebook, or tweet or Instagram with the link to the Action Network petition.
  4. Ask the actors, writers, directors and crew (whoever you feel comfortable approaching) on your production to sign onto the letter.  Please send us a report on what responses you get.  Please send your reports to reelequity@gmail.com. A very small group of members are responsible for the initial signers on the letter. Imagine how many supporters we will have after all of you assist with this effort as well!
  5. If you know anyone who has decision making authority at a production company or studio, and feel comfortable speaking with them, please provide them with a copy of the Toolkit and study, and ask if they would like to meet with us to discuss what they can do right now to remedy this problem.
  6. Send us your story of how gender pay equity has affected you and your family, along with your picture, so that we can add include it on the website and as part of the social media campaign.
  7. Let us know what else you want to do to help!

If you have any questions please contact reelequity@gmail.com.

Pay Equity Study Released in LA Times

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