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Thank you, Gov. Brown!

In 2014, when the California Legislature passed AB 1839 and Governor Jerry Brown signed it into law, the state of film and television production in California made a dramatic turnaround.

We went from a total drain of production out of the state—and the severe job loss that went with it—to over 131 feature film and TV series produced of scheduled to be done under the California Film & TV Tax Credit Program 2.0. $5.1 billion has so far been returned to the California economy.

Senator Mitchell’s bill, SB 951, the California Film and Television Production Jobs Act, by extending the current legislation, ensures that work for our members in their local communities will continue unabated.

But numbers only tell a portion of the story. The best story can be told by the working men and women—and their families—who are the direct beneficiaries of your support. So, we are leaving it to them to speak for themselves.

Please watch the video below to hear directly from the sets of TV shows and films that are part of the 2.0 program.

Thank you, Gov. Brown!

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