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Northern California Fires Relief Efforts

The fires in Northern California are still raging, and Labor organizations are setting up disaster relief for victims of the fires.  With the recent hurricanes, a lot of funds are low, and people are stretched thin. Many of us here in Southern California have family and friends up north.  Here's what is going on so far and how you can get or give help.

From the IATSE

Financial Relief for IATSE Members Affected by California Wildfires
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Financial relief is available to IATSE members affected by the California fires through the Walsh/DiTolla/Spivak Foundation.

The wildfires that ravaged Northern California have been the deadliest in California’s history. While there is now progress in fighting these fires, there has been horrific destruction. IATSE members can request financial relief to assist with recovery.

Individual IATSE members needing assistance should submit a written request to their local union. The local union will then forward the request to the Foundation for review by the Foundation trustees. 

Our hearts go out to the California communities. We encourage IATSE members affected to request financial relief, and we thank the many firefighters, emergency responders, volunteers, and helpers in their efforts to assist people in those affected areas.

From the California Labor Foundation:

The Federation is working closely with labor councils in the fire-affected areas to provide labor support services for our members who are suffering.

We have collected and are updating in real-time a list of crisis-services, sources of real-time information for displaced people, and places unions and members can donate directly to the labor councils to provide assistance.  Here is the link to the webpage: http://calaborfed.org/california-wildfires-disaster-relief/

We are asking you to do three things:

  1. Please distribute this link - Post on your websites, Facebook pages, as well as emailing out.
  2. Please donate as much as you can to the council or to any organizations in this link.
  3. If you have people who are interested in volunteering, please have them email Tara Carey, from our staff, at tcarey@calaborfed.org as we will build a list of volunteers to contact when it is safe to send them to help. People will be needed in a variety of capacities.

In unity,
Art Pulaski
California Labor Federation


From Our Brothers and Sisters in Local 16:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As I am sure you are aware, the Northern California fires are some of the worst the state has ever endured. Sadly, there seems to be no sign as to when these fires will be contained.

The impact on the state is devastating. Regrettably many of our members have been impacted and several have lost their homes as well as have Teamsters, Letter Carriers, Healthcare workers and members of the trades.

We are hoping you will consider donating to the Disaster Relief Fund through the North Bay Labor Council.

The contact information is:

NBLC Union Members Emergency Relief Fund
North Bay Labor Council
2525 Cleveland Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95403


When all is said and done, we want people to know they’ll have someone to turn to, and that would be their Union.

Thank you for your consideration.

In Solidarity,

Jim Beaumonte/ Local 16
Joanne Desmond / Local 16

Northern California Fires Relief Efforts

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